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Tertiary & Careers

University of Ballarat

University of BallaratThe University of Ballarat is located in the beautiful city of Ballarat, just over one hour west of Melbourne. We have an experienced team of teachers and researchers, supported by extensive facilities, to assist students and our communities in facing the challenge towards creating a sustainable and prosperous future.

Teaching and conducting research into subjects such as resource and materials production, biodiversity, water, energy, waste, food and nutrition, and public health and safety, places the School of Science and Engineering at the forefront of the United Nations Decade for Education for Sustainable Development that runs from 2005 to 2015.

Our graduates and postgraduates are “industry-ready” and this is reflected in employment and salary rates well above the national average. We have many strong partnerships and networks, these are local, regional, national and international with industry, government and other educational institutions.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Geology)

The Bachelor of Applied Science is a 3 year full-time course founded on some common units of studies with the choice of at least one elective unit of study. The choice of program (Environmental Management; Food Science and Technology; Exploration and Environmental Geology; or Metallurgy) can be made on commencement or at the end of the first teaching period and, in some cases, at the end of the first year. All programs are vocationally oriented with a sound practical and theoretical foundation.

Geology is the study of the Earth, including its history and composition, and of the dynamic systems that shape the Earth’s surface. The geology program is broad-based but allows students to specialise in Exploration Geology or Environmental Geology. Enrolment in the Geology program will see you undertake one core Geology unit (Earth Science) plus two science electives and one other elective in the first teaching period. The two science electives are chosen from chemistry, food science and nutrition, environmental management, and Australian ecosystems. Later in the year, specialisation in Geology will allow you to take an elective as well as your three core Geology units.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Metallurgy)

The Bachelor of Applied Science (Metallurgy) is a 3 year full-time course founded on some common units of studies from both science and engineering programs. All programs are vocationally oriented with a sound practical and theoretical foundation.

The exciting and new Metallurgy program uses sophisticated, modern technologies to teach various components of mining, metals and mineral technology. Metallurgists extract and refine valuable minerals and metals from raw ores, as well as protect and restore the environment. Students will undertake the entire degree at the Mt Helen campus from 2008.

The Metallurgy program is an example of true regional collaboration. This has produced a program that will supply graduates in high demand by the nation’s mining industry, which exports in excess of $25 billion of metal and mineral products. Other employment opportunities are with equipment and chemical suppliers, investment banks and stockbrokers, and in research and development.


Bachelor of Engineering Science (Mining Engineering)

The Bachelor of Engineering Science course is an integrated design-orientated course that aims to produce creative, engineering technologists who have knowledge of the social, environmental, economic and organisational aspects of their work. The main characteristic of this course is applied design in a systems context, which is encompassed by two study majors: Design Engineering and Systems Engineering. From your second year, you may specialise in one of the following programs: Mining, Mechanical, or Civil. Areas of study within the Mining Engineering program include Mineral Deposit Evaluation and Processing, Underground Production Systems, Mine Power and Services, Surface Mining Operations and Mine Environment and Safety.

Mining Engineers are in high demand in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. The broad education offered at the School of Science and Engineering will enable you to find employment in a wide range of resource related industries, including consulting. Mining Engineers work in all parts of the industry from feasibility studies through to mine design, to managing actual production and sales.

For more information about studying at the University of Ballarat, please visit our website or email Pathways Website Enquiry

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