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Industry Partners

Industry Partners


About Zonge

ZERO is a recognized leader and innovator in the development of electromagnetic and induced polarization survey technology. We have been providing field services for mining, petroleum, and environmental investigations for 25 years. State-of-the-art ZERO instruments, together with an emphasis on data quality permits our crews to successfully acquire data in difficult environments. Field experience, gained worldwide, together with a skilled technical staff enables us to provide comprehensive services including survey design, data collection, data processing and analysis, and interpretation for a broad spectrum of geophysical applications.

Zonge Image 1Zonge provides a comprehensive service including survey design, data collection, data processing and analysis, and interpretation for a broad spectrum of geophysical applications. All Zonge manufactured equipment is available for sale or rent, and can be used for IP techniques, CSAMT, TEM, NanoTEM, and Downhole MMR, TEM and IP. Equipment can also be repaired and upgraded as requested.

Some of the applications Zonge Australia are contracted for are mineral exploration, structural mapping, landfill mapping, salinity mapping as well as solving certain engineering problems such as locating cavities. Zonge Australia can field up to five crews within Australia and overseas at any one time and have over 25 years experience in working in the remotest areas and under the most extreme conditions.

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Contact: Kelly Keates


Come and join the Zonge team, we are looking for:

Zonge Image 3Project Geophysicists

Contract positions currently exist for project geophysicists with experience in electrical ground surveying, using Zonge equipment. The positions are field based with work in isolated locations throughout the world. Applicants require good technical, computing and interpersonal skills, along with a high level of responsibility and initiative.

Formal qualifications in Geophysics or a related earth science will be a major advantage. Remuneration commensurate with the successful applicant's qualifications and experience will be offered.

Zonge Image 2Field Technician

Contract positions are required with strong work ethic and desire to work outdoors for both Australian and international based electrical geophysical surveys. All applicants must be fit and have a drivers licence. We prefer the applicant to have a Geoscience Certificate. The successful applicant will be required to:

  • complete wire reel and wire preparation, including splicing and maintenance,
  • Locate line using compass,
  • Operate motor generators and transmitters,
  • Operate 4WD vehicles,
  • Operate radios,

Please send your resume to

Zonge Image 4