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Operation: Coolenation

A New Education Resource for Global Warming Issues

Operation Coolenation is designed to empower Australia's young people to be the change in global warming.

At Carbon Planet, our mission is to provide people with the knowledge and skills they need to make our planet sustainable. We have decided to do this with a combination of inspiration, education and facilitation to encourage as many people as we can muster to work as a team to address the well-publicised issue of global warming.

That is why we have developed this Education Resource: because as a teacher, you hold a unique place in society. You are the steward of young minds, and you understand, more than anyone, that these young people are the next generation in charge of our planet.

By helping our kids to "be the change", we will make a giant step towards turning around the "greenhouse effect" described in these pages.

To do this, we have provided what we believe is a fun and diverse resource that will help you communicate the science and issues behind climate change and its potential solutions.  This resource aims to provide both you and your students with the tools needed to become the change-makers the world needs to ensure a sustainable future - at school, at home and in all our daily lives.