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Industry Partners

Industry Partners


Santos is proud to support the Geoscience Pathways program and to encourage students to pursue a rewarding career in geoscience.

Introducing Santos

Santos is a major Australian-based oil and gas exploration and production company with interests and operations in every major Australian petroleum province and in the United States, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan and Egypt.

Founded in 1954, Santos has been active in the energy business for more than 50 years and has grown to be one of Australia's largest gas producers, supplying sales gas to all mainland Australian states and territories, ethane to Sydney, and oil and liquids to domestic and international customers.

Launch your career with Santos' Graduate Program!

Santos Image 1Santos provides an excellent opportunity for University Honours Degree Graduates to kick-start their careers through our Graduate Program. Across Santos' diverse portfolio, graduates can explore the many career opportunities that span onshore and offshore operations.

The program provides challenging work roles with high levels of responsibility backed up by the mentoring support of senior technical professionals. It also features a rotations program to allow graduates to broaden their development across different areas of the company.

What do Petroleum Geoscientists do?

Exploration and Field Development Geologists and Geophysicists and Specialist roles (Petrophysicists, Stratigraphers, reservoir modelling, etc) are mainly office based, and apply high-end highly-sophisticated computer technology to:

  • Santos Image 2explore for oil and gas accumulations located 1,000-3,000+ metres beneath the earth's surface
  • appraise the discovery - to determine if it's good enough to spend perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars to put in the infrastructure required to develop the discovery
  • develop the discovery - to identify optimum drilling locations, assess reservoir quality and help engineers manage oil and gas production from subsurface reservoirs.

Does the petroleum industry offer a future?
Will there be a job for me if I begin now to prepare for a career in the petroleum industry?

World oil and gas production will equal or exceed today's level for the next 40-60 years. Thousands of geoscientists will be needed to discover and recover these reserves, especially given that half of the world's existing Geologists and Geophysicists are due to retire within the next 15 years

Why the petroleum industry?

  • Lifestyle - very important! A good balance of family, work and play.
  • High salaries - one of the highest paying industries.
  • Leading edge technology - highly sophisticated software and big grunt computers.
  • Travel opportunities - pretty much anywhere in the world.
  • Big projects, big budgets, big equipment.
  • High level of responsibility from the beginning.
  • Always challenging, always exciting. Dynamic, continual learning throughout your career.
  • Diverse career paths and excellent career opportunities - technical and management.
  • Work that needs you to be innovative and creative.

Find out more

For further information about Santos and to apply for jobs or the graduate or vacation programs, visit the Santos website .