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Years: 6-9

Years: 6-9

Mitcham Girls High Schoool

Mitcham Girls High School is a progressive learning community dedicated to providing outstanding educational opportunities for girls. Through focus on inquiry, research, innovation and student leadership, Mitcham Girls High School aspires to develop independent, resilient and globally responsive young women. The school community champions equality for young girls and women; through our curriculum and leadership programs girls are empowered to become strong and compassionate leaders now and in the future. We are passionate about providing a rich, challenging and secure learning environment to help every girl reach her potential. We follow all research on girls’ education and reflect on our own practice to ensure our teaching pedagogies are engaging and relevant. Enquiry-based learning is gaining momentum at Mitcham thus maintaining curiosity, collaborative approaches and positive risk taking. Mitcham Girls High School is the only unzoned, public girls’ school in the state of South Australia, attracting students from all suburbs across Adelaide and nearby country towns. Many students travel considerable distances to come to a school which offers them opportunities in an environment that is academically challenging, calm, friendly and caring.