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Years: 6-9

Excursion to Willunga bay

07 Dec 2012

Year 8 Excursion to Willunga Bay

Willunga Bay 1

 Date: November 2012

In week 8 and 9 of Term 4, 5 Year 8 classes spent a very busy but enjoyable day at Willunga Bay looking at Late Eocene to Early Oligocene marine and non-marine sediments. The richly fossiliferous Tortachilla Limestone that overlies the South Maslin Sand represents the first real incursion of marine waters into the St. Vincent Gulf.

The sharp boundary between these two layers here enabled the students to gain an understanding of the nature of geologic time with regard to depositional environments. The excursion was very useful at allowing the students to understand the Principles of Superpositionand Original Horizontality, as well as seeing the impact of relatively minor tectonic activity in the form of faulting.

Student looking at fossils in the cliff

Willunga Bay 2

Category: Projects

Year: 8