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Teacher's Resources

Where the Forest meets the Sea: Lesson plan

07 Jul 2014

Teacher: Bronwyn Mart

School: Teacher Resources

Category: Teacher Resources

Year: 1

Materials and equipment

General classroom items

Recording equipment

Scissors and glue. Table rubbish bins are helpful.

Recording books

Additional items

Electronic or print copy of Where the Forest Meets the Sea

Lunch wrap paper (purchase at supermarket)

Learning task outline printed

Science background. N/A

Learning sequence.

  • Engage: General introduction to Jeannie Baker as an author and illustrator.
  • Explore: Class reads book.
  • Explain: Highlight aspects that have been changed through time. Revisit and discuss.
  • Elaborate: Students complete a background and use the lunch wrapping paper to draw a natural or made object that will change this landscape.
  • Evaluate: Sharing of completed tasks.


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