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Earth Day 2021 - 22nd April

21 Apr 2021

April 22 is Earth Day. Earth Day this year is especially significant marking the 25th anniversary of the GLOBE program.

You, your family, friends and students can help celebrate Earth Day along with thousands of other GLOBE members by contributing to our understanding of the Earth’s global environment. You can do this by adding to GLOBE’s environmental database, which currently stands at 199,485,869 measurements (April 21, 2021). By recording tree heights using the GLOBE Observer app or calculating tree heights using a simple method you can help scientists create a clearer picture of our environment.

Height of trees

Here's a great way of getting your students collecting local environmental data and help improve our understanding of the global environment. Join other citizen scientists from 15 April to 15 May for the Community Trees Challenge using the GLOBE program and GLOBE Observer app.

For classroom teachersTree logo

The GLOBE program has a number of activities which can be run in conjunction with the GLOBE Observer app. If you have younger students why not complete the tree height activity using your students heights as the reference

Other resources:

How much carbon in a tree table

Estimating the carbon dioxide in a tree

Measuring the height of trees (as seen in image above)

 Go to the GLOBE Website

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