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Teacher's Resources

Teacher's Resources

Teacher's Resources, Aids and Links

As most science teachers will be aware, the context of studying the planet Earth well suits introduction to most of the fundamentals of science and the scientific method. For example, introductions to Physics, Chemistry and Biology can well follow from first learning about the earth’s magnetic field, its motions, gravitation, minerals and history of life.

By becoming part of the Geoscience Pathways project teachers can freely share their best units, lesson plans, student notes and exercises, just as they have used them in their classrooms. Click on the links below to learn how colleagues have successfully engaged students of all ages in geoscience topics or projects, either as discrete units or across the curriculum.

Gold Pans free to loan

Gold Pans

As part of the Geoscience Pathways Project, 10 Plastic Gold pans (shown below) were bought as resources. These gold pans are available to borrow for excursions, at no charge. They are currently located at East Marden Primary School . If you would like more details about the gold pans and possible locations for excursions please feel free to contact us .

Gold Pans 2 Gold Pans 1

Links for Teachers

Here is a list of possible sites and content that we have found along the way.

There are a number of NEW and FREE teacher resources packages available that are called Connected Learning Experiences (CLEs) – curriculum resources designed to support teachers implement scientific investigations using an inquiry approach. They are fully mapped to the Australian Curriculum Science and each resource package contains:

  • A full Teaching and Learning Sequence
  • Teacher Background notes with sample answers and explanations as well as safety notes for all activities.
  • Digital resources such as PPTs, Videos and interactives
  • A Planning and Equipment list.