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Teacher's Resources

Year 8 Opals

Teachers Information

Relevance of topic to Earth and space sciences aspect of the National Curriculum for Year 8

The information below describes the relevant content description in the three aspects of the Science curriculum for year 8 and names the topics of the Unit that enable the requirements to be met.

Opal is one of the world’s most fascinating gemstones. Its brilliant play of colours— changing and flashing as the stone is turned — sets it apart from all others. No two opals are exactly the same. Each one has an individual pattern, and there is no end to the variety available. A single opal can display a range of colours encompassing the entire visible spectrum.

The unit contains:

  • Teachers information
  • Information booklet 1
  • Information booklet 2
  • Information booklet 3
  • Student booklet 1
  • Student booklet 2
  • Student booklet 3

Download the full zip file (8MB):

Thank you to Cynthia Pyle for all her hard work towards this unit

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