The Geoscience Pathways Project aims to change attitudes towards the Geosciences by demonstrating their essential contribution to modern society. Collaboration between primary, secondary, TAFE and university sectors have provided a range of engaging activities, many with an interdisciplinary focus.  For example, a recent Year 12 Extension Studies project on seismology has been mentored  by a SANTOS Limited geophysicist and involve using real data, real tools, mathematics and processes. Web access and interactive activities can be used to continue to engage students and inform teachers.

We are a not for profit organisation and any donations are tax deductable. For more information about our oganisation read the  Rules of Association .

The project also provides students with exposure to practical, vocational training pathways towards careers as field assistants and geotechnicians 

This website was created as part of an ASISTM funded project, for schools to share freely, without charge or ongoing fees.  Once part of the website students and teachers can place projects, assessment tasks and plans to share.  A user manual and some limited training and support can be provided on request, however you will find our site very user friendly. 

Learning about our Earth…the planet that we live on.

Our project is a collaborative partnership between schools, industry and professional associations. We work together to provide students with engaging learning in Earth and Environmental Science, foster their better understanding of contemporary local and global environmental issues, empower their participation in informed debate. We support teachers with resources, training and funding to help teach Earth and Environmental Science in their schools. We have a particular focus on the Australian Curriculum and the need to provide high quality enquiry based teaching and learning for the Earth and Space sub-strand of the F-10 Science curriculum and the emerging senior secondary Earth and Environmental Science course.

GPP Statement about Climate Change and Fossil Fuels

The Geoscience Pathways Project (GPP) firmly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development goals and recognizes the imperative to transition away from fossil fuel sourced energy as soon as possible. 

The GPP sees earth science as providing critical skills and earth scientists as essential in future climate action, sustaining our cities and communities, reducing poverty and inequality and ensuring a future for life on land and below water. 

The GPP encourages students to consider study and training pathways for careers across the range of earth science, including energy transition, environmental geoscience and careers in the exploration and extraction of the minerals and renewable energy that are critical for the well being of society. 

The GPP aims to help provide students with the necessary scientific skills to critically navigate the transition to a low carbon economy and to assist in the development of a sustainable future of our country and planet.