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The Geoscience Pathways Project

Our project is a collaborative partnership between schools, universities, local councils, industry and professional associations. We work together to provide students with engaging learning in Earth and Environmental Science, foster their better understanding of contemporary local and global environmental issues, empower their participation in informed debate and raise their awareness of tertiary study, training and associated career pathways.

Our partners have identified the need to increase student engagement in science and to foster student uptake of the Earth Sciences in particular. We have a particular focus on the Australian Curriculum and the need to provide high quality enquiry based teaching and learning for the Earth and Space sub-strand of the F-10 Science curriculum and the emerging senior secondary Earth and Environmental Science course.

Our website is free to join.

It is intended for both teachers and students to use. Student work and teaching resources can be uploaded and browsed by year level. Information about study, training and career pathways can be found on our various partner pages.

For information on how to join contact our webmaster:

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