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2023 Sponsorship

20 Dec 2022


The major focus of our effort in 2022 was to increase the uptake of SACE Earth and Environmental Science (EES) in SA schools. South Australia has lagged behind other jurisdictions in this key area. Largely due to the work of our part time Geoscience Outreach Officer, (Kelly Sharrad), there will be 4 schools (and their teachers) implementing EES for the first time in 2023 and 9 schools looking to implement EES in 204, subject to the availability of ongoing outreach support (GOO). This has been a remarkable success, at a difficult time and a crucial turning point for EES being delivered in South Australia.

Our work has been commended by the SA Education Department and supported by SA Government grants through the Department of Energy and Mining (DEM) but this funding alone isn’t enough to keep up us afloat and be able to continue to support many new schools that are up taking EES in 2023.

The new schools and teachers implementing in 2023 will ideally need further mentoring and other curriculum support as the year proceeds. Further, we would like to foster and support a further group of schools to offer EES in 2024 (and beyond), but this will not be possible unless we can attract sufficient funding to maintain the Geoscience Outreach Officer position. We are currently $20 000 short of reaching that target

This important work cannot be done by volunteer effort alone. A part-time funded position is required along with covering overhead costs.

Sponsorship Required

Please help us to increase the uptake of EES and hence to raise the profile of geoscience education in SA secondary schools:

  • Bronze: $2 500 pa
  • Silver: $5 000 pa
  • Gold: $10 000 pa

For more information, or to arrange your sponsorship please contact our secretary: Amanda Vernik: geoscience.pathways@gmail.com

For more details about our not-for-profit work please download our recent newsletter (# 35) 

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