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Tertiary & Careers

University of South Australia

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Earth and Environmental Science specialisations and majors at University of South Australia

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Bachelor of Environmental Science

If you have genuine concern for the environment and a commitment to sustainability, a degree in Environmental Science can help to launch your career, with research rated above world-class in environmental science and management.

Broadly, you will examine biological and earth science systems, covering topics including: ecology, soil science, geography and social sciences. Within the electives that will shape your journey, you will gain practical experience through field trips and real-world projects. Cutting-edge technology puts you in an immersive virtual environment using Project Live visualisation technology which transforms traditional classroom activities into flexible, interactive and engaging learning experiences.

*The Bachelor of Environmental Science (LBVT) shares common first year courses with the Bachelor of Geospatial Science (LBSP), so if you meet the subject requirements you can transfer and retain credits for courses you have completed

Program structure:

 Bachelor of Science

Program structure:

Relevant Majors in Bachelor of Science

Geoscience Major:
Environmental Systems Major: Geospatial Information Systems Major:

last updated: 20 March 2019