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Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Science (Advanced),

The BSc and BSc (Advanced) are broad, overarching programs, designed to give students the flexibility to tailor their emerging scientific interests. Among the Earth and Environmental Science majors are Geology, Geophysics and Applied Geology, Soil Science, Palaeontology and Ecology.

 Bachelor of Agricultural Science

 The Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences allows students to develop core scientific skills in biology, chemistry and statistics in their first year. These skills are specialised in subsequent years where students develop their understanding of agricultural systems such as crop science, livestock science, soil science and agribusiness.

Bachelor of Ecotourism

 Students become familiar with fundamental scientific concepts in both Geology and Environmental Biology, building on these concepts through majoring in either Geotourism or Nature Based Tourism. A BSc (Ecotourism) degree provides students with an understanding of the nexus between marketed tourism and the natural environment.

Bachelor of Science (Mineral Geoscience)

 Students of the BSc (Mineral Geoscience) will build an understanding of the minerals and energy sector, focusing specifically on a range of topics embodied within the geosciences such as tectonics, geophysics and mineral exploration. Unique to this degree is the opportunity to gain practical field experience, often under the guidance and supervision of geoscience professionals.

Bachelor  of  Science  (Wildlife  Conservation  Biology)

 Students study landscape ecology, wildlife genetics, endangered species biology and pest management in the BSc (Wildlife Conservation Biology). Routine field research will be conducted with an emphasis on fundamental concepts in environmental conservation, and students will develop the skills to plan, execute and monitor habitat restoration programs.

Uni Adl 2nd Year

Second year geology students on the Pichi Richi camp,Flinders Ranges

Uni Adl 3rd Year

Third year geology students exploring the geology of Central Australia

For further information on geoscience at The University of Adelaide, please contact Professor Alan Collins (alan.collins@adelaide.edu.au

last updated: 20 March 2019

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