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Environmental Science Related Degrees

Flinders University Environmental Science at Flinders appeals to students who thrive on scientific discovery, enjoy working outdoors and want to make a difference. It is an interdisciplinary program that combines biology, earth science and chemistry with state-of-the-art technologies such as computer simulation and prediction and forensic identification. 

For a full list of science and environment courses at Flinders University visit:

BSc Specialisations

NB: All of these courses are also available as a 4-year honours degree

Bachelor of Science (Coasts and Oceans)

Develop an understanding of a variety of coastal, marine and ocean systems, and examine the physical processes shaping these environments. You will be introduced to the use of coasts and oceans as resources and a variety of management and policy interventions, with the opportunity to participate in project work and field exercises.

Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)

Examine how natural processes and their changes impact human society, and how human activities interact with and modify environments. This multidisciplinary degree focuses on understanding, monitoring and improving the environment. Expand your knowledge, obtain skills, and learn critical thinking about environmental issues and problems

Bachelor of Science (Geography)

Gain a broad foundation in geography, in a degree offering a powerful mix of interdisciplinary skills to solve a range of real-world problems. Investigate the dynamic relationships between humans, their cultures and environments, and cover a range of contemporary issues including social and environmental justice, and the efficient, equitable and sustainable use of resources.

Bachelor of Science (Hydrology)

Delve into the science of water movement in the atmosphere, surface systems and aquifers. The degree includes cross-disciplinary aspects such as water quality, ecological water requirements, field and computer-based methods of investigation, and management practices. Solve hydrological problems and real-world issues associated with people and the environment.

BSc Majors

Environmental Geology

Environmental geology applies geology or geoscience to our living environment. The environmental geology major examines how geological processes and hazards influence human activities and vice versa.

Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources

The environmental hydrology and water resources major is about solving a diverse range of environmental and water problems. It gives you a broad background in natural sciences including earth sciences, environmental sciences and marine sciences.

Environmental Management

Environmental management is the management of our impact on the environment. The environmental management major aims to give you an understanding of the complexity and contexts of environmental decision-making.


The geography major provides a broad foundation in geography. It involves investigating the dynamic relationships between humans, their cultures, and environments.

Ocean and Climate Sciences

The ocean and climate sciences major provides you with a deeper understanding of the physical processes shaping the marine environment and influencing climate.

last updated: 20 March 2019

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