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The future of our industry depends upon attracting young talent to take on the tremendous challenges of discovering and supplying minerals and energy to the world. BHP Billiton is proud to support the important role of the Geoscience Pathways Project in engaging with students to consider becoming the skilled technical and professional people we will need.

Who are we?

BHP Image 1The wiring and components in the computer you use to email your friends are made from copper and gold that could have been discovered, mined and processed by us. Not to mention the aluminium in your mother’s pram, the nickel and silver components in every mobile phone, the titanium dioxide in the toothpaste you brush your teeth with. BHP Billiton has some 39,000 people working in more than 100 operations in approximately 25 countries. One day you could be one of them.

What do our geoscientists do?

BHP Billiton’s geoscientists work in laboratories, offices and in the field, where they are challenged by different problem solving issues every day. You could find yourself taking part in everything from exploring undeveloped leases and supervising field contractors, to overseeing seismic and aerial surveys.

Our exploration geologists study the occurrence and distribution of minerals on the earth's crust, whereas our mine geologists advise on the extraction of ore reserves to guarantee that a finite resource is utilised profitably with minimal impact on the environment. We also have research geologists, who evaluate technological and scientific developments and locate new target areas for further prospecting. For those graduates that join our Petroleum business, their primary focus is interpreting seismic data, however, they also look at different aspects of seismic acquisition and processing, and gain experience in petroleum geology.

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I've passed my SACE, now what do I do?

To become a geoscientist you usually have to study science or applied science at University with a major in geology or applied geology. Each summer, BHP Billiton employs selected University students to participate in our Vacation Student Program, where they receive hands on experience in the field and a career head start to possibly joining us as a graduate, where they will be coached and mentored by industry experts.

What do I do if I have a question for you?

You are welcome to visit our website, where hopefully you will locate the answer you seek. If not, then feel free to send an email to: jobs@bhpbilliton.com