Years: 10-12

Years: 10-12


It is often suggested that there is no real need for schools to offer courses in Geology or Geoscience at senior secondary levels, for reason that these are not essential prerequisites for University or TAFE courses.  The reality is that students are unlikely to consider tertiary studies or training if they have had no exposure through their years of schooling.  Most students who study Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Petroleum and Mining Engineering in Universities and TAFE colleges have developed prior knowledge and awareness of opportunities, either through studies at school or through family and friends.  

There is also an urgent need to find a sustainable future. The development of geothermal and alternative energies, geosequestration of carbon dioxide, aquifer storage of stormwater, uranium mining, nuclear energy and waste disposal have (arguably) become the most urgent issues of our time. In the interests of fostering informed public debate, it is incumbent on educators to provide students with opportunities to learn about them, via a geoscience curriculum. 

These pages provide examples of teaching resources and student work to assist and encourage schools towards including geoscience in their curriculum offerings.  This website offers some proven tools for teaching and learning.   

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