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Years: R-5

Years: R-5

Star of the Sea School

Currently in the Year 5 classes as part of Australian History, we are doing a Unit on the Gold Rush. As part of this, we are learning about mining, gold and other precious minerals and associated environmental issues. At the end of term, we are holding a Gold Mining Expo on Friday the 28 (2013) from Associate Professor Nigel Cook from the University of Adelaide and will also practice gold panning skills identifying specks of Pyrite (Fool Gold).

We have looked at Land Tenure within the previous topic on Indigenous vs First Settler uses of land. In our Science Curriculum students cover topics on the solar system, marine ecology and many more geoscience topics. As a school on the coastline with its own internationally acclaimed Marine Discovery Centre, students are well versed in the importance of geoscience issues in our day to day lives.

We have recently been accepted into the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program as we are committed to minimizing waste, composting and recycling. We have our own school vegetable patch and as we are built on a sand hill, we are very aware of the inter relationship with the local geology. Year 2 classes have a strong geography focus developing a strong appreciation of landforms and climate.

The Year 5’s were also recently involved in restoring the local Henley and Grange Sand Dunes, by weeding and planting diverse plant species such as, Pig Face, Running Postman, Cushion Bush and other grass species.


Star of the Sea:
Marine Discovery Centre:

Year levels where Geosciences/Earth Sciences is taught

At Star of the Sea Geoscience issues, knowledge and skill development is embedded across the curriculum from Reception to Year 7. The focus on Gold Mining occurs in Year 5.

Science Teacher: Mr Peter Hoskin
Year 5 Teachers: Laura Pedron, Marian Izzo and Trish Jauncey

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01 Jul 2013

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