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Years: R-5

Years: R-5

Warradale Primary School

Warradale Primary (R-7) is a dynamic and caring learning community with strong values (courage, caring courtesy, respect and responsibility) and a commitment to the development of socially responsible individuals who reach their academic potential.

We provide children with leadership opportunities, foster responsible relationships, and expect engagement that maximises learning. All students learn about environmental sustainability and natural and man-made forces that affect the environment.

We have strong partnerships with local aged care, churches and the council. These partnerships have resulted personal connections across the community as well as awards and grants. Local media calls us “The Caring School” for our work within the local community. Parents are very active in coaching, umpiring and attending after school sports.

Warradale is a small school with excellent facilities. The grounds are extensive with two large grassed ovals that are well maintained and landscaped. There are three playgrounds that cater for different age groups and picnic seating in shaded areas.

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