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HomeYears: 6-9Banksia Park International High School
Years: 6-9

Years: 6-9

Banksia Park International High School

Banksia Park International High School provides students with a world-class, relevant and challenging curriculum delivered in a supportive and respectful learning environment. The Council of International Schools (CIS) provides formal endorsement of our school international standards of excellence.

In our science courses we strive for our students to develop the abilities to investigate, explain and predict events in their physical, social and biological worlds.  We aim for them to communicate scientifically to a range of audiences, to understand the relevance of science to societies and to develop positive attitudes, values and outlooks as a result of their being intellectually honest in weighting up current knowledge and evidence around the world.
Currently we are introducing the national curriculum and will use our involvement in this project and website to develop further our teachers’ knowledge and skills and share our resources. We see value in making the curriculum more relevant through having students involved in field activities and excursions.  

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27 Oct 2012