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HomeYears: 6-9Aberfoyle Hub R-7 School
Years: 6-9

Years: 6-9

Aberfoyle Hub R-7 School

Aberfoyle Hub is situated in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, near the Happy Valley Reservoir. We cater for over 300 students from Reception to Year 7 and have 2 Special Education classes. Our school values of Relationships and Friendships, Respect and Responsibility reflect how we work together and look after our learning environment and our community. We take responsibility for looking after our environment through our School Environment Management Plan and managing our gardens. We learn about Earth Science through the Australian Curriculum. Specific geology units are found in the Australian Curriculum in the following years:

  • Year 2: Natural resources
  • Year 4: Erosion, weathering and the rock cycle
  • Year 6: Structure of the Earth and earthquakes
  • Year 7: Renewable & non-renewable resources including minerals and mining

Schools website:

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