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Years: 10-12

Years: 10-12

Marden Senior College

Marden Senior College is an adult re-entry school providing a wide range of SACE and vocational training courses. The campus is 5 km NE of the Adelaide city centre.

Stage 1 Geology is offered as two single units, which may be studied either together or separately. Each unit requires two 2-hour lessons per week over 12 weeks.

Stage 2 Geology (HGS) is a full year subject without prerequisite studies, although completion of Stage 1 geology would be an advantage. It is offered either as a day class (two 2-hour lessons per week) or as a night class (one 3-hour lesson per week).

Vocational Geoscience provides units towards the Certificate III in Geoscience Field Practices, through a shared delivery agreement with O’Halloran Hill Campus of TAFESA. This program trains people for work as field assistants, in mining, energy and exploration, and is widely recognised by industry.

Extension Studies (HGS) gives students the opportunity to study across and beyond the scope of the usual year 12 curriculum, in specialist areas. Examples include Seismology (extending Physics and Geology) and Gold Panning (extending History and Geology).

Vocational Geophysics - NEW to 2009 Operate and Maintain Instruments
and Field Equipment (MNMEGS301A) including electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic, gravity, GPS and other navigational equipment, for exploration and environmental science field workers. Download: Vocational Geophysics PDF

All Geology and Geoscience courses at Marden Senior College require participation in Field Trips, camps and/or excursions.

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