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Years: 10-12

Years: 10-12

Christian Brothers College

Christian Brothers College is a Catholic boys school in the Edmund Rice Tradition and caters for boys from reception to year 12. We are located on two campuses at the East end of Wakefield Street Adelaide

Christian Brothers College is very keen to introduce Geology into its curriculum as it will offer its students an exciting and interesting career pathway with the current exploration and mining boom.

Stage 1 Geology will be offered in 2008 as two single semester units, which may be studied either separately, or together as a preparation for year 12 Geology. 

Christian Brothers College may also offer Stage 2 Geology in 2008 depending on demand. 

We have joined as a participatory school in the Geoscience Pathways Project which aims to raise the awareness of geology as both a subject and career path for students of all backgrounds and abilities.

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19 Jun 2007

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