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Years: 10-12

Years: 10-12

Australian Science and Mathematics School

The Australian Science and Mathematics School is a public school for senior secondary students in Years 10 – 12 and, as its name suggests, has a special focus on science and mathematics. It is located on the Sturt Campus of Flinders University. Our innovative interdisciplinary curriculum focuses our students’ learning through the new sciences such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, communication systems and sustainable futures. 

The ASMS has three key functions: 

  • its role as a school generating challenging learning, particularly in science and mathematics, 
  • its focus on developing innovative curriculum and pedagogy at the leading edge of 21st century science and technology, and 
  • its role in supporting the professional learning of science and mathematics educators. 

The school’s partnership with Flinders University is of central importance to each function. It provides the opportunity for rich interaction between students, teachers, research scientists and education academics in their search for innovative and challenging teaching and learning in science and mathematics.

Geoscience in Year 10 and 11

Our Central Studies are semester long programs centered on a theme with a fertile question to focus student learning. All student in Year 10 and 11 undertake the same interdisciplinary program. They learn the Humanities and English alongside the Sciences. Earth and Cosmos contains an Earth Science rich strand – Dynamic Planets where planetary science is the focus. This also includes a topic on Geophysical and Geochemical exploration and investigates the issues around exploration for Earth resources. Biodiversity includes a strand – the Mystery of Life with a topic the History of Life investigating the evidence for life on Earth. Sustainable Futures focuses on Earth Systems, particularly the Hydrosphere and Atmosphere and their interactions. Field trips are associated with these studies.

Stage 2 Geology

In 2013, Geology has been offered as a Stage 2 subject. This is being delivered in two 100 minute blocks per week with a focus on practical investigations, with 2 extended field trips into remote South Australia and day excursions to local areas.

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