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Resources used in our gardens (Lesson 2)

19 Apr 2014

Teacher: Bronwyn Mart

School: Teacher Resources

Category: Teacher Resources

Year: 2

 Materials and equipment

General classroom items

Recording equipment

Recording books

Additional items

A selection of products that can be placed onto our gardens.

Each table of students (or appropriate group) requires one sample of each

Plastic cups – one for each different product

Jugs of tap water

Old towels for mopping up spills

Class “slops” bucket if these materials are going to be thrown away. They often can be dried and used another time.

Science background.

Learning sequence.

Engage: Refer to garden products used within their school grounds through direct observation, photographs or student memory.

Explore: Top half of recording sheet –

Describe the different types of materials used in our gardens.

Students use their sample set to complete the table.

Explain: Class discussion of why some of these products may be used in gardens – our school garden and in other gardens they know. Discussing the meaning of terms such as graded and ungraded.

Elaborate: Science investigation based on the question What happens to our garden products when we put them into water?

Introducing or revising what is a prediction.
Students record predictions.
Supportive planning with students based on what we are going to keep the same – type of cup, amount of water in each cup, about the same amount of each product.
Testing one material at a time before recording.

Evaluate: Sharing of results. Formative assessment through participation and recording.

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Lesson 2 Resources used in our gardens

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