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Tertiary & Careers

Tertiary & Careers

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James Cook University, Queensland

JCU is Australia’s leading tropical research university. It is the second oldest university in Queensland and is consistently ranked with the world's best universities.

JCU 1JCU has major campuses in Cairns and Townsville. Cairns and Townsville are thriving coastal cities in some of the fastest growing regions in Australia. JCU’s spectacular location alongside two World Heritage environments – the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforests of the Wet Tropics – is a bonus for our students. Northern Queensland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, with a fantastic range of leisure activities.

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences offers diverse undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs, including Bachelor degrees. The Bachelor degrees are three-year full-time degrees with the option of undertaking an additional Honours year.

Bachelor of Geology

JCU 2Bachelor of Science (Geology)

These science degrees provide education and training of geologists. Geologists study the composition, processes, and history of the Earth. The Bachelor of Geology and the Bachelor of Science (Geology) provide education related to career opportunities in the mining industry, consulting companies as well as State and Federal government agencies. In comparison to the BGeol, the BSc (Geology) allows students to have a double major in other related disciplines (e.g. chemistry) and hence to specialize in particular geoscience disciplines (e.g. exploration geochemistry).

JCU 3Bachelor of Science (Geography)

This science major provides education and training of geographers. Geographers analyze distributions of physical and cultural phenomena on local, regional, continental, and global scales. Geographers work as researchers, administrators, and counselors for a wide range of employers, including Federal, State, and local governments. Other employers included scientific research and development services; management, scientific, and technical consulting services; business, professional, labour, political, and similar organizations; and architectural, engineering, and related firms.

JCU 4Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)

This science major provides education and training of environmental scientists. Environmental scientists use their knowledge of the physical makeup and history of the Earth to protect the environment, study the properties of soils and underground and surface waters, locate water resources, and provide environmental site assessments and advice on hazardous-waste-site remediation. This major provides education related to career opportunities in the environmental industry, consulting companies as well as State and Federal government agencies.

JCU 5Bachelor of Science (Natural Resource Management)

This science major provides education and training of NRM scientists. NRM scientists manage, improve, and protect the country’s natural resources. They work with landowners and Federal, State, and local governments to devise ways to use and improve the land while safeguarding the environment. NRM scientist jobs are heavily concentrated in State government and semi government agencies (e.g. NRM boards).

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