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Building roads and bridges (First lesson in unit): Lesson Plan

07 Jul 2014

Teacher: Bronwyn Mart

School: Teacher Resources

Category: Teacher Resources

Year: 1

Materials and equipment

General classroom items

Recording equipment and books are not required until the following lesson.

Task statement can be stuck into student learning books.

Additional items


Selection of early years building and construction equipment

Roads (straight and curved) cut from dark fabric.

Science background: Nil

Learning sequence

  • Engage: PowerPoint of images taken close to school.
  • Explore: Introduce term and discuss features of the “landscape”. Students in small groups and equipment shared across class.
  • Explain: N/A
  • Elaborate: Students construct own landscape with roads and bridges.
  • Evaluate: Formative assessment through completed task and ongoing participation. Photograph of each group’s landscape is taken.

Image of learning occurring

Building Roads and Tunnels Picture


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